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About the work

STORM 1977 - Sculpture, Straight from the Studio - Contemporary - mixed media


Greece - 21st century

Femme Fatale - Limited Edition 1/1 - 2022 Sclupture - Storm1977

Sclupture designed , 3d printed , handmade with mixed media eco friendly materials
painted with acrilics colors , all botom are covered with real US and Australia dollars money .

That Deadly Woman can literally suck the life force and money from others.
That Deadly Womancan bite you like a vampire,she is thirsty for fresh feelings and money,and as soon as she empties her victims,she throws them behind her and moves on to the next.
She is beautiful on the eye and has many faces and she can change her colors to attrackt you.She is very strong.
It seems as though she is the most perfect woman for you,as she alternates colors with the environment she finds herself in,but she casts magic upon you until left you behind her.


PublisherSTORM Art
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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